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B.SreeKantha Reddy


B.Jaya Prakash Reddy


Buddala Nagarjuna



Abhyas Techno School has taken up a lead role in developing a community of lifelong learners by providing a rich and diverse educational program to meet the individual needs of each student and to inspire the love for learning and mutual respect for each other.

The School is committed   

  1. To inculcate the best of Indian culture and tradition.
  2. To develop qualities like self-confidence , courage, self-esteem in students.
  3. To bring out the best of their own qualities such as independent thinking, decision-making, understanding each one’s opinion and to respect each other.

Our Vision:

To provide the children with a comfortable environment including infrastructure and latest technologies available for the total development of the child. The School will strive to maintain excellence by providing quality education, to inspire the young minds and give them the virtue of thought. 

Aims & objectives:

The main aim of the School is to provide quality education to the students with an excellent atmosphere for learning their curriculum under the active supervision and guidance of well trained and passionate teaching staff who work under the guidance of the Principal. Teachers are also provided with Educative Seminars and Training Programmes so as to help them upgrade their proficiency in teaching skills. .